LyteHouse Floorplan Scanner

Create accurate, high quality floor plans simply by walking from room-to-room while holding the state-of-the-art Lidar Floorplan Scanner from Rhoeby Dynamics.






Use of this device requires no previous experience, training, or expertise. Simply switch the device on, and walk the property. Then go back to your office or home, and download the automatically generated plans to your computer, tablet, or phone. It’s really that simple!

Who uses the LyteHouse Floorplan Scanner?

Our ground-breaking system improves any real estate (or related) business operation by utilizing the quick, reliable, and easy to use floor plan generation system. All professionals working in the real estate industry will want to have access to this uniquely helpful concept.

The system is well-suited for use by practically everyone, including:

  • real estate agents
  • home appraisers
  • home and interior designers
  • architects
  • office managers
  • property management
  • homeowners

You too can leverage Rhoeby Dynamics technology and experience in mapping systems. So place an order today!

The Floor Plans

The LyteHouse Floorplan Scanner:

  • saves hours spent gathering measurements, entering data and creating drawings
  • generates the floor plans with very little user intervention
  • calculates an accurate interior square foot area
  • calculates room dimensions

The LyteHouse outputs floor plans in many common file formats, including .png, .jpg, .svg, and .pdf files. No need to take lots of pictures, or assemble and adjust partial room plans, or hire professionals to create your plans: this mapping system takes care of all that for you, automatically.

No need to “fine tune” your plan using 3rd-party measuring devices: such hassles are simply not necessary with the Floorplan Scanner. Again, just walk the property, and then enjoy your instantly generated floor plan. You can even observe the floor plan on your phone, “live”, as it is being generated during the walk through!

We offer contract rental units, turnkey mapping services, or outright purchase of our devices, providing maximum flexibility in how our customers access this technology.

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