Rhoeby Hexapod Kit

Full kit to create your own fully functional ROS-enabled, navigation capable hexapod robot.

20160221_162449Price: $1,999
Availability: Made to order

Kit/Fully Assembled


Hardware Used:

Robotis Bioloid “Spider” chassis (with optional custom legs)

  • Rhoeby Dynamics R2D LiDAR Scanner
  • Android phone provides IMU/camera (not included)
  • Bluetooth link to robot for command and status back
  • Remote laptop running ROS Indigo (not included)

Software Features:

  • 3-DOF Inverse Kinematic leg control
  • Holonomic-capable gait
  • Odometric feedback
  • ROS node for robot control

Optional upgrades:

  • Custom metal/rubber foot
  • Higher capacity battery

The Rhoeby hexapod uses the Robotis CM-904 for the robot controller, and this inter-operates with ROS over bluetooth via our open-source driver. For IMU, the hexapod uses an android phone (not provided) running the free ‘SensoDuino’ app, and is connected also via bluetooth. All the navigation heavy-lifting is executed “in the cloud” (ie. on a remote laptop, not included). In conjunction with a standard ROS Navigation suite install, users can build and run the hexapod driver, and publish the “cmd_vel” topic to control the hexapod (eg. for teleop). Beyond that, all procedures are standard practices using the gmapping, AMCL and move_base packages. More details are available at https://github.com/Rhoeby/hexapod_ros.


Please direct enquiries to: enquiries@rhoeby.com