Turty Robot

A fully-assembled robot for map building, navigation and more!



Price: $1699
Availability: Built to order



This robot is the best low cost off-the-shelf solution for robotic navigation. The Kobuki/Raspberry Pi 2 system comes fully-assembled, pre-loaded with the ROS Indigo and the Navigation Suite, and is tested to verify the mapping, navigation and dynamic obstacle avoidance functions.

Supported Features

The primary features supported on this robot include:

    • Localization
    • Mapping
    • Navigation
    • Frontier exploration *NEW!
    • Computer vision *NEW!
    • Voice commands *NEW!

These *NEW features are supported by a combination of on-robot and remote laptop installed software.

Primary components

The primary components on this robot include:

    • Raspberry Pi 2
    • 16 GB Micro-SD card
    • iClebo Kobuki base
    • Rhoeby R2D LiDAR
    • 150Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter
    • Raspberry Pi 5 MP camera *NEW!
    • Pre-loaded with ROS Indigo Navigation Suite

The robot uses WiFi for the connection to remote services (eg. ssh, remote ROS/RViz, etc.), and is a turn-key platform for demonstration and further development of ROS navigation.