Welcome to Rhoeby Dynamics! Your destination for ROS-based open-source robotics.

We offer robot kits, fully-assembled robots, and high-quality selected components designed to meet your mobile robotics needs. Whether you’re looking for fully-assembled, ready-to-go robots, state-of-the-art robotic navigation, or just some individual components to realize your robot system, we can help! Our goal is to deliver simple-to-use systems at the lowest prices, anywhere.

With support for:

Several of our products can be used on different platforms including rovers, walkers, tele-presence robots, UAVs and drones. Our technology is proven working with Raspberry Pi, and Odroid. We have integrated with TurtleBot 2, and Robotis-based platforms, as well as Linux and Windows-based PC systems.

  • Featuring high level of software support for ROS, navigation and more!
  • Enabling the leap into professional-grade robotics at entry-level prices
  • Offering discounts for education

When you’re ready for ROS, Rhoeby robots are ready for you!

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