We are a small group of hardware and software engineers who love robotics. We are based in California, USA.

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Several of our products can be used on different platforms including rovers, walkers, tele-presence robots, UAVs and drones. Our technology is proven working with Raspberry Pi, and Odroid. We have integrated with TurtleBot 2, and Robotis-based platforms, as well as Linux and Windows-based PC systems.

  • Featuring high level of software support for ROS, navigation and more!
  • Enabling the leap into professional-grade robotics at entry-level prices
  • Offering discounts for education

When you’re ready for ROS, Rhoeby robots are ready for you!

Selected customers:

We’re proud to list selected customers, including:

Rhoeby is a customized ROS-enabled hexapod (based on the Robotis Bioloid kit). The robot is the first of it’s kind to support SLAM, Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance using 2D Scanning technology available from this website.

Article in Robotics Tomorrow:


Featured in IEEE “Video Friday” (see “ROS Hexapod”):


We were a “Featured Maker” at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2015:


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