Announcing Mini Turty Pro!

Rhoeby Dynamics is pleased to announce the new Mini Turty Pro robot. Our best mini robot yet, it’s the ultimate in a full-featured ROS navigation-capable machine!

The Mini Turty Pro is a compact and powerful robot representing the well-informed robot of choice for mapping, navigation, frontier exploration and much, much more!

Mini Turty Pro

Why Choose The Mini Turty Pro Robot?

You want to own a robot that fully supports your current and future requirements, with features including:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B: faster builds, lower max. CPU loading (<25%) compared to Pi 3, so things like navigation and frontier exploration work smoothly, and work concurrently, leaving ample processing power for additional functions
  • High-quality IMU: full AHRS support, 9-DoF sensor fusion
  • Better planar kinematics: robot moves faster and smoother
  • High-capacity battery: 2200 mAh provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Better LiDAR: finer angular resolution, more accurate range sensor builds better maps
  • Low center of gravity: not top heavy, like some other robots
  • Castor wheel: not a ball, so robot can go over uneven surface (eg. carpet or rug)
  • Choice of LiDAR: including G2, G4, and SICK TiM 571*
  • Video camera: 2+ hours of internal video recording, remote monitoring, with timestamped position logging
  • Web-browser API: built-in web server, control the robot using your browser
  • High-capacity voltage regulator: 12V / 5V @ 5A provides plenty of power for the robot and the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Charger included: we give you everything you need

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