Finding Your Robot IP Address

So your robot is powered up and hopefully it’s properly connected to the WiFi network, but you can’t seem to figure out the IP address.

There are several ways to find out what IP address your robot is using. One involves using a program called “ping”, and requires that you know your robot hostname. Another involves plugging in an HDMI monitor and keyboard to the robot. Yet another requires logging into your router to search for connected devices. We’ll detail all of these techniques here.

Using Ping To Determine Your Robot IP Address

This method is quick and simple assuming you know your robot hostname and your network is properly configured. It goes like this:

1. Open a terminal window on any host connected to the network. For this example, we’ll use a Windows PC and the Command Prompt (but the command is the same regardless). In the terminal window, type:

ping ubuntu

You should see output similar to:

As can be seen above, the IP address of this host (hostname: ubuntu) is ‘’.

Getting The IP Address Using Monitor And Keyboard

This method is often the easiest if you don’t know (or have mislaid!) your robot network hostname. It’s also the most reliable method, as there is no potential for hostname conflicts that might cause issues with the ping or router method. So to begin:

1. Plug in your HDMI monitor into the HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi.

2. Then plug in a USB keyboard, and power up your robot. You should be able to observe the Raspberry Pi booting up on the HDMI monitor, after which, it will present you with a login prompt.

3. Login using the usual credentials.

4. Then type:


Your robot will report its IP address.

You can now disconnect the keyboard and monitor and continue to use your robot. Note that most networks provide for some “stickiness” for the IP address, meaning that the robot could retain the same address even after shutdown and reboot, if the period between shutdown and reboot is not too long (up to 1 day, is not uncommon).

Getting The IP Address From The Router

This method uses the router itself to find out what devices are connected to the network. Most routers can provide this information along with the hostname of the connected device. Begin by logging into your router (this process is router specific, but you could find one example here).

After you login to your router, navigate to the “Attached Devices” panel (or where-ever your particular router stores this information), and check for a wireless device name that matches the hostname of your robot (default is: ubuntu). Then simply lookup the IP address associated with your robot name, as presented by the router (usually in some sort of lookup table).