Direct Engineering Support

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All companies benefit from having great expertise at their disposal. Getting some advice on product selection and technology mix, you get the jump start you need.

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Then when you want to expand development efforts, but are finding your project is resource constrained: again, that’s where we can help!

Turn-key autonomous mobile robotics solutions
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Together we will select a suitable robot for your application, and then outline any customer-specific modifications that tailor the robot to your end-user requirements. In any given case, that might be an application-specific video camera integrated onto the robot, increased on-robot data storage allowing long-term video recording sessions, or whole new components and sub-systems. Do you need robot Frontier Exploration capabilities, or accurate positional logging (breadcrumbs)? No problem.

Let our efforts multiply those of your team to accelerate your project!

Project Management

We utilize high efficiency project management methods – including:

Regular status reports
Statement of Work
Low management overheads
Monthly releases and billing

Work specified via a Statement of Work (SoW), with time estimates applied. Regular status reports are provided so that your company could monitor progress.

Get the help you need integrating Rhoeby Dynamics products into your system. Rhoeby Dynamics provides services and technical support to enable rapid adoption of Mapping, Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance and Frontier Exploration technology.

Issue Resolution

Issue tracking and resolution – clients typically:

Gather logs for analysis
Report bug fixes via email
Prioritize issues
Receive bug fixes in monthly releases

Working one-on-one with your engineering team to ensure problems are solved in as timely a manner as possible.


We utilize remote diagnostics – techniques including:

Log file analysis
ROS ‘rosbag’ recording

Robot not behaving as expected? Simply gather the logs and submit them for expert review.