Assembling Mini-Turty

The picture below shows what is in the Mini-Turty kit:

From top left:

  • power regulator, Raspberry Pi case and wiring harness
  • chassis
  • battery and battery case
  • USB cable for lidar
  • castor wheels
  • motors and wheels
  • Raspberry Pi
  • lidar
  • motor bracket and screws
  • motor controller
  • motor bracket and screws
  • low voltage alarm
  • USB Wifi adaptor
  • cable for low voltage alarm
  • bonus item: pipe cleaner (antennae)!

Assembly Steps

1. Unpack your kit, and make sure to keep track of which nuts and bolts came with which parts. It will help you in the assembly of the robot.

2. Attach the castors

3. Attach the wheels

4. Attach the RPi case, USB cable, wiring harness and switch

5. Attach RPi

6. Attach lidar, RPi lid, and motor controller

7. Insert yellow wire into connector housing

8. Connect power cables to the controller board

9. Insert motor and control connectors into controller board. NOTE CAREFULLY the positions.

For a sanity check on the connectors, compare your work to this diagram:

10. Connect battery, low voltage monitor

11. Follow the setup instructions in our Mini-Turty Getting Started guide.

12. Enjoy your robot!

For more help, see our assembly video!