Mini-Turty II


All the great functions* of the original Mini-Turty, plus enhanced design, laser-based LiDAR, and optional Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

*see here

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Our most popular version of the Mini Turty robot. For greater configurability users can select this most recent addition to the Rhoeby Dynamics robot family. Choose whether to add an IMU device to suit your budget and your technical requirements.

Things You Can Do With Your Mini-Turty II Robot

There are many things you can do with your Mini-Turty II robot, including:

  • Basics: ROS learning
  • Teleop: robot remote control
  • Tele-Viewing: see what your robot sees, even from another room
  • Map Building: makes maps of your home or office for the robot to use
  • Navigation: the robot moves autonomously around your home or office
  • Frontier Exploration: the robot autonomously explores unknown terrain
  • Video Recording: Record what your robot sees to SD Card
  • Computer Vision: Mini-Turty II recognizes objects in its environment*

*Coming soon, to a robot near you!

Included are simple scripts that enable the robot to be operated with little previous experience. If you can run simple commands from the command line, you can run this robot! Available in kit form, or fully assembled and ready to go. Either way, Mini-Turty II provides endless hours of educational fun and represents the ideal platform for learning the Robot Operating System. The kit includes everything you need to build your own robot.

For full details of this robot capability, see Mini-Turty, the original little robot with big capabilities!

Assembly Video

For assembly details, see our assembly video:

The kit includes everything you need to build your own robot.

Are you looking to adopt ROS mapping and navigation for your mobile robotics project?

Check out our systems integration, and engineering support services today!

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