Mini Turty Pro


Our best Mini Turty robot yet is the ultimate in a full-featured ROS navigation-capable machine!

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The Mini Turty Pro is a compact and powerful robot representing the well-informed robot of choice for mapping, navigation, frontier exploration and much, much more!

Why choose the Mini Turty Pro robot?

You want to own a robot that fully supports your current and future requirements, with features including:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B: lower max. CPU loading (<25%), compared to Pi 3, so things like navigation and frontier exploration work smoothly, and work concurrently, leaving ample processing power for additional functions
  • High-quality IMU: full AHRS support, 9-DoF sensor fusion
  • Better planar kinematics: robot moves faster and smoother
  • High-capacity battery: 2200 mAh providing up to 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Better LiDAR: finer angular resolution, more accurate range sensor to build better maps
  • Low center of gravity: not top heavy, like some other robots
  • Castor wheel: not a ball, so robot can go over uneven surface (eg. carpet or rug)
  • Choice of LiDAR: including G2, G4, and SICK TiM 571*
  • Video camera: 2+ hours of internal video recording, remote monitoring, with timestamped position logging
  • Web-browser API: built-in web server, control the robot using your browser
  • High-capacity voltage regulator: 12V / 5V @ 5A provides plenty of power for the robot and the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Charger included: we give you everything you need

*Special order – contact us for details

Our robots are certainly not the biggest, but they are the best at what they do, and all good things come in Mini Turty packages!

More good reasons to choose this robot:

  • Pre-loaded software: fully functioning advanced features out-of-the-box. No need to install anything
  • Easy to get started: scripts are one-line commands for all major functions
  • World-class customer support: we’re here to help
  • Designed and assembled in USA: deal direct with the manufacturer
  • 100% money-back guarantee: we will make sure you are satisfied

Built on a sturdy chassis and utilizing high-quality mechanical components, this robot is an easily accessed turn-key platform for demonstration and development of all major ROS features.

Mini-Turty Pro is completely expandable and re-configurable. We provide all the hardware design files to enable you to add, modify and expand the capabilities of your robot.

Major Functions

There are many things you can do with your Mini-Turty Pro robot, including:

  • Basics: ROS learning
  • Teleop: robot remote control
  • Map Building: make maps of your home or office for the robot to use
  • Navigation: the robot moves autonomously around your home or office
  • Tele-Viewing: see what your robot sees, even from another room
  • Video Recording: Record what your robot sees (to the SD Card)
  • Frontier Exploration: the robot autonomously explores unknown terrain
  • Computer Vision: Mini-Turty Flex recognizes objects in its environment*

*Coming soon, to a robot near you!

Included are simple scripts that enable the robot to be operated with little previous experience. If you can run simple commands from the command line, you can run this robot!

Running Navigation

Running navigation is simple with your Mini-Turty robot. To run the navigation suite, first close any previous mapping session (press ‘Ctrl-C’), then execute the following:

$ ./

That’s all that is required to get navigation running on this robot!

Mini-Turty Flex navigating in RViz

Again, it’s easy to get started with Mini-Turty!

Frontier Exploration

Frontier Exploration is one of the newest and coolest features of our robots (see video). This functionality is what enables the robot to autonomously enter previously unexplored areas, and without any human intervention travel around to fully explore its environment whilst building a map for later use. The robot intelligently explores the unexplored space by only visiting each area once.

Frontier exploration

Set your Mini-Turty free to explore the great unknown!


Tele-Viewing allows users to see what the robots sees, even from another room! Using the on-robot camera with teleop, users can remotely operate the robot and monitor what’s in the robot field of view.

Video Recording

Mini Turty robot includes the ability to record video from the on-robot camera (if fitted). Recorded video is stored to the robot internal SD card for later retrieval. To enable video recording, simply add the ‘record’ parameter when launching the mapping or navigation script:

$./mini_turty_mapping record

The above command will begin recording the video to the SD card. Recording will continue until the mapping (or navigation) process is terminated.

Computer Vision

Using OpenCV, run the “Find Cat” program to enable Mini-Turty to search the mapped area for the presence of a cat!

Find the cat!

With this function the robot searches the entire mapped area and when it finds a cat it moves towards it and highlights the cat face with a bright magenta circle on the tele-viewed video image!

This is a super-fun application that provides many opportunities to learn about the exciting field of computer vision. The app could be adapted to detect dogs, people and even many household objects.

Hardware Details

This is a robust, high-quality, hand-crafted robot made from state-of-the-art 3D-printed parts and easily obtained off-the-shelf components. The robot is designed to be completely user-serviceable and will provide years of reliable operation.

Other components of this robot include:

  • power regulator
  • Raspberry Pi case with active cooling
  • fused wiring harness
  • chassis
  • battery and battery case
  • castor wheel
  • motors and wheels
  • motor brackets
  • motor controller
  • on-robot voltage monitor (with low-battery alarm)
  • bonus item: pipe cleaner (antennae)!

If the robot should happen to get damaged, it’s no problem: 3D-printed replacement parts are available via our support channel. Of course, you can also print your own (we provide all the design files!).

Assembly is a snap too (no soldering needed), requiring only simple hand-tools. See our Mini-Turty Assembly Instructions for more details.

Sensor Data and Motor Wiring System

The robot sensor data and motor wiring:

As can be seen, there is plenty of room left for further expansion, either via the GPIO or USB. This robot utilizes the novel feature of Encoder-Free Odometry, a technique made possible by the use of stepper motors.

Rhoeby Dynamics robots: Altogether the superior choice!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Kit, Assembled


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With Rhoeby Dynamics robots, you will be up and running in no time!


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With Rhoeby Dynamics robots, you will be up running in no time!

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