LiDAR technology at the lowest possible cost.

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Got a 3D-printer? Want access to LiDAR technology at the lowest possible cost? Great! We now offer a complete kit for you to make your own LiDAR (minus the 3D-printer and filament!).

This LiDAR is identical to the R2D LiDAR in specifications. Here’s what’s included in the kit:

  • IR ToF range sensor
  • motor
  • Micro-USB control board (pre-loaded with software and ready-to-run)
  • Slip-ring (high quality, long life)
  • Cables, connectors, screws
  • Instruction manual (online)
  • Example 3D-print files (online)

For a fraction of the cost of most LiDAR systems, you can be up and running in a few hours. Customize your housing to fit your robot, change the color, or extend the design to suit your needs.

Some assembly required. Must have basic skills with 3D-printer, screwdriver, crimp tool, etc. No soldering needed. For ages 14 and up. Kit sold “as is”: it’s the customers responsibility to get it working. Please be sure to review the assembly instructions to ensure the task is within your capability.


FreeCAD and.stl files:

Assembly Instructions: Rhoeby_3PYO_Assembly_Instructions.pdf

Rhoeby Dynamics supports the open source movement!


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With Rhoeby Dynamics robots, you will be up and running in no time!


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With Rhoeby Dynamics robots, you will be up running in no time!

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