An entry-level scanning 2D LiDAR device for indoor applications (eg. SLAM).

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Our scanning 2D LiDAR is the smallest, lightest, lowest-cost device on the market. It’s proven capable of performing mapping and navigation in the indoor environment, and comes complete with simple example code and an open-source ROS driver, for rapid integration into your robotics platform.


The R2D LiDAR specification highlights:

  • Scan range: 0.2 – 5 m (14 m max)
  • Scan rate: 1 – 5 Hz, user-configurable
  • Angular resolution (typical): ~1 degree (0.36 max), user-configurable*
  • Angular range: 360 degrees
  • Range accuracy: +/- 5 – 10 cm

* The R2D LiDAR has double the angular resolution of some competing products! For robotic SLAM, you need a fast enough update rate to achieve the required responsiveness and avoid “blind spots” in your scan. 500 Hz is simply not enough!

Check the performance of the LiDAR device on our videos page. Or contact us for a detailed comparison chart.

Product benefits

The R2D LiDAR product benefits include:

  • Light-weight (< 125 g)
  • No safety issues (compared to laser-based device)
  • Integrated USB (no adapter required)
  • Plug-n-play, ROS-enabled (open-source driver)
  • Robust design (direct-drive motor)

It’s a perfect fit for many of your scanning needs!

Scanner Visualizer

Download our free Scanner Visualizer software. We provide the source-code for free too!


Download our R2D scanner documentation here:

Example ‘C’ source code here:

Open-source ROS driver here:

Target markets: Domestic-application robot systems requiring indoor navigation. Commercial-application robot systems, such as automated shop assistant, Hotel bellhop. Hobby robotics, Research groups.

Our commitment to high quality (made in USA)

Working with our USA-based PCB assembly service company to deliver high quality components for our LiDARs and robots.

At Rhoeby Dynamics, every scanner is fully tested to ensure it is functioning correctly before it is shipped. We run exhaustive tests to ensure that the device will provide many hours of reliable operation.


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With Rhoeby Dynamics robots, you will be up running in no time!

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