Rapid Prototyping

Do you want to create an early prototype or proof of concept?

We regularly customize our robots to enhance them according to our customer needs. With in-house 3D printing design and production capabilities, we can rapidly prototype novel robot configurations and integrate new sensors into our platforms.

3D-parametric CAD for 3D Printing

Do you need a dual-lidar configuration? Or how about a specialized camera? No problem, we can add that to your customized robot. Using our advanced 3D printing design service, we adapt your robot to suit most any need. Utilizing state-of-the-art parametric 3D modeling software to create your custom parts, all designed, assembled and tested in-house.

3D printing design and production
Custom robot hardware integration
Custom browser-based control interfaces

All robots provided with our Engineering Support Packages come fully-assembled and tested to ensure all standard and custom features are functioning correctly.

Custom Browser-Based Robot Control

We’re providing custom browser-based control interfaces, or even cloud-based control systems for our robots. All our robots embed a web-server for the presentation of web pages to client devices. Create a robot “dashboard” tailored to your specific needs, or export control to your cloud infrastructure for multi-robot monitoring and control.

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