Rhoeby Dynamics ~ Mini Robots With Big Capabilities

Welcome to Rhoeby Dynamics! Your destination for ROS-based open-source robotics.

Rhoeby Dynamics LLC is a mobile robotics Systems Integrator and Engineering Services company providing mapping, navigation and frontier exploration solutions to business and institutional clients. In addition, we also offer affordable ROS-based robot kits, fully-assembled robots, and high-quality selected components designed to meet your autonomous mobile robotics needs.

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Whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-art Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) navigation-capable robot, or just some individual components to realize your robot system, we can help! Our goal is to deliver simple-to-use systems at the lowest prices, anywhere.

Why Choose Us?

Rhoeby Dynamics mobile robotics offers our customers:

  • Advanced capabilities: out-of-the-box, no need to install anything
  • High-quality components
  • Better LiDAR: compare the quality of our maps with those of another leading vendor
  • Easy-to-use: scripts are ‘one liners’ for all functions
  • Assembled in USA: hand-built by engineers
  • 100% money-back guarantee: we make sure you are happy

A unique combination of robotics hardware, software AND services:

  • Direct engineering support: we’re on your team!
  • Rapid prototyping: 3D printing service, customized robots
  • Systems integration services: tailored to your requirements

Looking to adopt ROS for your mobile robotics project? Want to bypass all the hassle? Take advantage of our Systems Integration services creating complete solutions, providing new features, and delivering expert support to your engineering team.

Big Capabilities

There are many things you can do with our robots, including:

  • Basics: ROS learning
  • Teleop: robot remote control
  • Map Building: make maps of your home or office for the robot to use
  • Navigation: the robot moves autonomously around your home or office
  • Tele-Viewing: see what your robot sees, even from another room
  • Video Recording: record, what your robot sees to the internal SD Card
  • Frontier Exploration: the robot autonomously explores unknown terrain
  • Computer Vision: the robot recognizes objects in its environment
  • Browser-based Control: control from your browser using a phone, tablet, or laptop

Making the transition from “Arduino-like” projects into the world of ROS-enabled robots can be challenging. However, aspiring new roboticists can jump-start their efforts by learning with Rhoeby Dynamics purpose-built robots. There’s no substitute for having access to a fully-functional ROS-capable robot, and as the low-cost platform for learning and educational development, Rhoeby robots are helping make robotics easy. Accelerate your project and have more fun with a learning-ready Rhoeby Dynamics robot today.

Included are simple scripts that enable the robot to be operated with little previous experience. If you can run simple commands from the command line, you can run these robot! Available in kit form, or fully assembled and ready to go. Either way, these robots provide endless hours of educational fun and represents the ideal platform for learning the Robot Operating System.


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We’re Maker-Friendly. We’re Maker-Inspired. We’re making mobile robotics easy!


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