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Are you looking to adopt ROS-based mapping, navigation, or frontier exploration for your mobile robotics project?

Don’t get bogged down with the complexities of systems integration and navigation tuning. Take advantage of our engineering services and Systems Integration experience creating complete solutions, providing new features, and delivering expert support to your engineering team.

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We’re helping companies design, develop and support ROS-based robots today. We will save you months of effort!

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We offer a unique combination of robotics hardware, software AND services:

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Utilize our off-the-shelf systems, and enable your project to rapidly move ahead.

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Why take 6-12 months to realize your mobile robotics solution from the ROS eco-system? We’re helping companies get going today, and we will save you money!

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Our Pledge to Our Customers

When you buy a Rhoeby Dynamics robot and engage with our best-in-class engineering support services, you get your mobile robotics project to market quicker, with fewer problems, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’re here to assist you.

The Background

So you’ve got a pressing need to get your robotics project off to a rapid start. There’s a massive opportunity for whoever gets their product out there now. However, your team could benefit from some help getting up to speed with ROS. That’s where Rhoeby Development Services enters the picture. By leveraging our proven systems, and getting some advice on product selection and technology mix, you get the jump start you need. Then when you want to expand the development effort, but are finding your project is resource constrained: again, that’s where we can help!

Case Study (of an actual customer)

Company X has expertise in  applying new technology to building monitoring systems. They understand their end-customer needs, and can see new ways to address those needs using mobile robotics. However, they did not have the in-house expertise to get such a project off the ground quickly. The learning curve with ROS represented a barrier to entry.

Company X decided to contact Rhoeby Dynamics to see if one our robots could provide a good starting point for them. They could see that an off-the-shelf working robot that performs the tasks of mapping, navigation and exploration ‘out-of-the-box’ could be of great assistance to their new endeavor.

Rhoeby Dynamics provided a free consultation to determine Company X needs. Together we selected a suitable robot for their application, and then outlined customer-specific modifications that tailored the robot to the end-user requirement. In this case, an application-specific video camera was integrated onto the robot, and this along with increased on-robot data storage allowed long-term video recording sessions. The exploration capability of the robot was enabled, as was positional logging (breadcrumbs). Work was specified via a Statement of Work (SoW), with time estimates applied. Regular status reports were provided so that Company X could monitor progress, and see that the effort was on track.

The Result

Customer X got their proof-of-concept demo in front of their client within highly compressed timescales. They were able to control costs using our simple approach to managing systems development.

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Get help integrating Rhoeby Dynamics products into your system. Rhoeby Dynamics provides autonomous robotics engineering services and technical support to enable rapid adoption of Mapping, Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance and Frontier Exploration technology. We’re helping customers make mobile robotics easy.

  • Turn-key mobile robotics solutions
  • Custom browser-based control interfaces
  • ROS driver development
  • Automated building monitoring, inspection and video recording
  • Embedded robot control systems development and integration

We offer technical consulting services to get your robotics solution up and running quickly! Our products, software and systems are used on many different platforms including rovers, walkers, and tele-presence robots. Proven technology that works with PCs, Raspberry Pi, and Odroid. We have integrated with TurtleBot, and Robotis-based platforms, as well as Linux and Windows-based PC systems.

  • Featuring high level of software support for ROS, navigation and more!
  • Enabling the leap into professional-grade robotics at entry-level prices
  • Offering discounts for education

When you’re ready for ROS, Rhoeby robots are ready for you!

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