Autonomous Robot Systems Integration Services

Do you want to make rapid progress adopting your unique combination of robotic sub-systems?

Get help from an autonomous robot systems integrator and make rapid progress, starting today!

ROS driver development
Embedded systems development and integration

Many robot components and sub-systems include a ready-made ROS driver. However, integrating and tuning these components for optimum performance requires experience. Allow us to engineer an autonomous solution for your robot, while providing a hassle-free experience.

In the case where a driver does not exist, or is known to have problems: we either have already been there and fixed those issues, or we can apply our autonomous robot systems integrator experience and expertise to get things working properly in a timely manner.

By leveraging our proven systems, and getting some advice on product selection and technology mix, getting the jump start you need, is so easy.

Our products, software and systems are used on many different platforms including rovers, walkers, and tele-presence robots. Proven technology that works with PCs, Raspberry Pi, and Odroid. We have integrated with TurtleBot, and Robotis-based platforms, as well as Linux and Windows-based PC systems.

We’re helping customers make mobile robotics easy.

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